Below you will find the tools we use to map and describe your surroundings with illumie

Obstacle avoidance with spatial mapping

Our obstacle avoidance aims to give wearers a sense of freedom and assurance that there is a safe way forward.

People with vision loss commonly experience challenges with detecting obstacles, especially above waist level where aides such as mobility canes are less effective. illumie can help you feel more secure by alerting you to unexpected objects that other aides may not detect.

A phone is hung around the wearers neck with a harness that rests on their chest. Using the iPhones LiDAR sensor we can notify the wearer of objects that appear in front of them.

When the wearer nears an object the phone will begin by slowly alerting the user to the proximity of the object. As the wearer gets closer, more frequent alerts will indicate a closer proximity.  

Picture of person mapping a room with invisible rays.
Object Recognition

With the help of Illumie's object recognition you can identify and locate objects close by.

For people with limited vision, finding objects that are used daily can be a frustrating task. Using object recognition we can help wearers get in touch with their surroundings, from locating exits nearby to finding available seats in the park.

By providing people a way to interact with their immediate environment, we hope to help wearers feel connected to the world around them.

A person identifying a room with individual objects highlighted. A chair, a door, a table.
Unobtrusive feedback

Using both audio and haptic feedback illumie provides proximity alerts that increase in intensity as the wearer gets closer to objects. Audio cues via bone conduction provides early warnings seamlessly without blocking your ears, helping you explore your environment.

Wearing our haptic straps provides quick feedback through touch instead of sound. By wearing the haptic straps on various parts of the body, the wearer can feel where obstacles are located.

A person wearing a phone. They are receiving vibration cues from haptic sensors on their arms.

Would you like to join our pilot test?

Illumie is looking for people with reduced vision to try out our first obstacle avoidance prototype. In order to make sure our solution works for all levels of vision loss we require constructive feedback in the early stages. You can help us create this amazing solution by sending in your email in the form below and joining our pilot test to try it out.

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