About Us

illumie's vision is helping blind and visually impaired feel more secure when they navigate the world, enabling meaningful exploration.

We started illumie during Sopra Steria Innovation Awards, a global competition for 40.000 employees in which we became one of the winners in 2020. This allowed us to continue working on illumie as an internal project in Sopra Steria.

Moving forward, we continue to pursue our vision to bring about real change for people in their everyday lives. illumie works in close collaboration with potential users and the Norwegian Association for the Blind to find solutions for those with vision loss.

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Meet our Team

Portait of Jelmer. Bearded Man with a short side fringe haircut. Tall.

Jelmer Verhoog

Is a mixed reality developer and had the idea to utilize AR technology to help people with vision loss navigate public spaces. Loves Danish technorock.

Portrait of Ingrid. Long haired woman with a big smile. Medium height.

Ingri Skogsrød

Together with Jelmer worked to create illumie. She is a service designer with a background in medical design. Ingri is passionate about creating solutions that integrate seamlessly.

Portrait of Bart in thinking man pose. Man with a faded hair cut with fringe up. Height unknown.

Filip Hagen

Is a mixed reality developer and enthusiast. He has prior experience working with VR from both his master and bachelor thesis. Loves playing beat saber after work.

Portrait of Sigrun. Woman with shoulder length wavy hair. Nice smile. Height unknown.

Elin Broxford

Is a project manager with a long track record of successful deliveries.

Portrait of Eric. Man with curly poofy hair. Turtle neck sweater. Medium height.

Eric Berhan      

Business developer with a special interest in medical devices.