Meaningful exploration for the visually impaired

illumie helps you to explore your environment with freedom and peace of mind. The app works by sensing obstacles using LiDAR technology and provides audio cues and haptic feedback to tell you about your surroundings.

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Your phone alerting you to obstacles in your path.

Would you like to join our pilot test?

Illumie is looking for people with reduced vision to try out our first obstacle avoidance prototype. In order to make sure our solution works for all levels of vision loss we require constructive feedback in the early stages. You can help us create this amazing solution by sending in your email in the form below and joining our pilot test to try it out.

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illumie can help you navigate unfamiliar spaces

Using the iPhone 12's LiDAR sensor we can notify the wearer of obstacles that appear in front of them using spatial mapping.

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Identify obstacles in your path and search for objects

Identify whats in front of you, or search for objects using keywords to find common items. Geotags can be used to give descriptions of your surrounds and points of interest.

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Feel your surroundings through unobtrusive feedback

Progressive audio cues alert wearers to objects as they get closer to them. Wearing our haptic straps provide immediate, unobtrusive feedback through small vibrations as you get closer to potential obstacles.

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